What is Mini-Basket?

Mini-Basket provides a rich and high quality experience for youth basketball players.

There are 2 age groups:

3v3 (ages 9 and under)

-youth play 3v3 with a size 3 ball and an 8-foot hoop

-half-court games with no 3-point shot awarded

-games are 10 mins in length with 4 players per team

4v4 (ages 11 and under)

-youth play 4v4 with a regulation size 5 ball and 9-foot hoop

-cross-court with a regulation 3-point line

-games are 12 mins in length with 6 players per team


-increased handling of ball

-better spacing

-focus on basketball skills and actions

-more directed competition

For more info, visit the Canada Basketball website.