Getting Started

1. Download the Mindbody App. (join community, stay informed, get newsletter) 

2. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class! 

One of our coaches will be there to show you our space and court, run through policies, amenities, and best practices for booking!

For private classes, you can check in at the front desk and wait for your coach.

3. We recommend wearing athletic gear (t-shirt and shorts) and basketball shoes (non-marking soles).

4. Bring your own water bottle.  We sell gatorade and provide complimentary filtered water.

5. Parking.  We have 7 designated parking stalls in the rear parking lot (115,116,117,121,122,123,124).  There are also 7 visitor stalls (facing north) in the front parking lot.

6. For best results, athletes should be well rested (ie. good night sleep), well hydrated and have a nutritious and well-balanced meal 2-2.5 hours before physical activity.  

7. We have a zero-tolerance for any physical, verbal or non-verbal abuse (ie. bullying, racial discrimination) towards our coaches and athletes.  First warning is written and whomever is responsible will be sent home for the day.  Second warning is immediate suspension. 

8. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who doesn't fit our "core values".